About Poppa Corn’s

We are Sumarie and Keith Forrester, and in the fall of 2017 we opened Poppa Corn’s Gourmet Popcorn. While Sumarie pursues a career in fundraising, Keith is full time with the Popcorn business as its Chief Popper and Welcoming  Agent.

Keith and Sumarie have tried to create a welcoming store where people are made to feel like friends. The store is designed to recreate a simpler time where Popcorn and candy treats were some of life’s simple luxuries affordable to all. With over 50 flavors of Popcorn, more than 200 various candies, and a nice selection of vintage soda pops there is something to suit the taste of any customer. Older customers will be sure to have some memories triggered while reviewing the wide selection of hard-to-find nostalgia candies.

Feel free to stop in and say hello. The Forresters not only operate Poppa Corn’s in Atlanta’s Kirkwood neghborhood, but are local residents as well. If you’re not close, please shop on-line or give the store a call and someone will be happy to help you out.


Our Popcorn Flavors

* Availability varies.