• Are you a franchise? No! We are a family owned business. Keith and Sumarie Forrester learned the business from a man in Texas who has been successfully Popping and selling Popcorn and candy for decades. His mentoring helped us learn everything we needed to know to open the store we have today.
  • Who makes your Popcorn and where is it made? We pop all of our Popcorn on-site right at our store. Half of our store is the retail business and half is our kitchen where we Pop, cook all of our own caramel and candy coatings, make our delicious chocolate Popcorn, and craft all of our savory flavors. It all happens in one place to ensure our customers get the freshest product possible.
  • Do you have a full menu? We sure do. Click Here to see all of our delicious flavors.
  • Why do Popcorn kernels pop? All the goodness is just waiting to get out and all it needs is heat. Inside of each hard kernel is a tiny bit of water. When heated, that water turns to steam and expands which causes the explosion that releases the fluffy white Popcorn.
  • Is your Popcorn gluten free? Most of our flavors are gluten free, however some of our chocolate varieties may not be. For instance, our Oreo, Red Velvet, Puppy Chow, White Chocolate Pretzel, S’mores, and Strawberry Cheesecake would not be gluten free.
  • Is any of your Popcorn Vegan? Yes. All of our candied flavors are vegan as well as Original and Kettle flavors.
  • Does Poppa Corn’s work with groups to do fundraising? We sure do! Poppa Corn’s works with schools, clubs, churches and other groups to help with your fundraising events. We focus on a few specific flavors and can support both concession style fundraising as well as pre-orders. Full details can be found on our fundraising page by clicking here.
  • Will Poppa Corn’s donate to our fundraiser? We love supporting our local community and most of our focus for donations is focused on our local schools. Because we get so many requests, we ask that you submit a formal request using our form in order to be considered. It is best to ask early as our yearly budget only allows for us to take on a certain amount of donations.