Job Application

This job requires someone who loves talking to and dealing with people in a friendly manner. Does this sound like you and do you consider yourself an outgoing person? If so, answer YES and keep on going!!!

The Store Manager will wear many hats and will be trained to understand all facets of the store operations. The absolute and key requirement for this role is enthusiasm and a true desire to work with people whether they are fellow team members or Customers. The ideal candidate will be someone with the desire to own their own small business someday. As Poppa Corn’s is a small business, you will work closely with the owner and will learn the details of the operation. This is a new role at Poppa Corn’s, so you will be able to help guide what this job becomes. Do you understand this general job description and still believe this is a good fit for your talents and needs?

What is the highest level of education you have completed?

Does the above phone number have the ability to receive text messages?

Which of the following do you have experience with and consider yourself proficient? (Check all that apply)

This job requires having weekend hours at least every other weekend. Can you commit to this weekend requirement?

We do a LOT of standing at Poppa Corn's. Are you able to stand for most of your shift?

Can you lift 15 lbs above your head and place item on a shelf 6-ft. high?

Do you have any allergies that would prevent you from handling products containing tree nuts, peanuts, etc.?

If finished, please answer the MATH problem below and click SEND to prove you're not a robot because, well, we're not hiring robots right now.

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